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[sticky post]Welcome !

My permanent wants post  (click here).

Main Collections:
Top favorites, top priotity, semi-completionist (everything I can find, except for a few items that I don't like).

High-Tier Collections:
I collect a lot of these character items (around 10 to 30+ each), but mostly only top favorite pieces // the best of the best. I'm very picky, but there is a lot of good stuff to choose from!

Side Collections:
I only have a handful of these items, probably around 1 to 5+ items each. I'm either very selective, or there are not a lot of good items to choose from.

...and more!

Favorite types are: Dark and Dragon.
Favorite regions are: Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh (I love them all, though!).
Favorite trainers are: Champion Cynthia, Champion Steven Stone, Wes (Colosseum), N Harmonia, and Karen (Elite Four).

Overall Favorite Pokemon (in no exact order, may or may not collect):
Umbreon (especially shiny!), Lycanroc (Midday and Dusk form), Rockruff, Lucario, Garchomp, Latios, Rayquaza, Giratina (origin form), Reshiram, Darkrai, Zekrom, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion, Suicune, Raikou, Lugia, Celebi, Snivy, Serperior, Zorua, Zoroark, Noibat, Noivern, Deino, Hydreigon, Larvesta, Volcarona, Aegislash, Pumpkaboo, Espeon, Eevee, Mew, Milotic, Charizard (shiny!), Sharpedo, Arcanine, Absol, Poochyena, Mightyena, Houndoom, Groudon, Rowlet, Alola Marowak, Alola Vulpix, and Ninetales (Kanto shiny and Alola forms).... among others!

Thanks for reading! c:


☆ Permanent Sales Post ☆


Sales Rules and Information:

All PKMNcollectors community
rules apply.
Sales permission granted by areica96 on January 29th, 2018.
Feedback link:
Note: I have two cats, but both are nearly always kept away from my collection. Items come from a smoke-free environment.

• I ship from New York, USA.
• I can ship internationally, if you are willing to pay the high shipping costs. I think the minimum to ship is $10.50 or $13.50.... Also, as international mail requires me to fill out customs forms and make multiple visits to the post office for the shipping quote, I would greatly prefer not to ship internationally unless the order total is over $20.
• Payment is accepted through PayPal (USD) as goods and services. When sending payment, please include your LJ username and/or Discord ID and what items you are paying for.
• Item prices do not include shipping costs and PayPal fees.
Price negotiation or haggling is allowed within reason. It's highly encouraged for items labeled with any of these phrases: clearance, must go, OBO/or best offer. You're always welcome to make an offer, and I may accept it, make a counteroffer, or decline, depending on the situation. If you find a lower price somewhere else for an item in similar condition, I am often willing to match the price.
• Priority is given to the first person to commit to an item. If committed, please state it clearly.
• Payment is required within 24 hours after commitment and total cost quote has been sent (time based on whichever was communicated last).
Payment plans are possible for large orders (totaling around $100+).
• Payment for claims is not required until after the items arrive at my location and the total costs are sent out to committed individuals.
• Items will be shipped through USPS using the least expensive method (usually arrives within 3-5 business days). If a faster shipping method is desired, let me know.
• I am no longer responsible after the package has been shipped. The tracking number will be provided and serves as proof of shipment (if it's a very small, flat item and it is sent in a plain letter-envelope which has no tracking, then photo(s) can be provided).
• Item(s) will typically be shipped within 1 to 4 business days of payment, unless something prevents me from doing so (in this case, you will be notified of any delays).
• Trades are not accepted, except maybe for items on my wants list.
• I am going to add many more items to this sales post in the near future, so please don't hesitate to ask if you're looking for any specific items, or anything featuring specific characters.
• I will gladly provide additional pictures and answer any questions regarding the items, just let me know!

Thanks for looking!

>Pokemon Claims Post<

Everything here is in new or like-new condition, items from the Japan PC stores, fresh out of 2018 Lucky Bags.
eon "Eevee & Colorful Friends" tote bag: $40 obo
Pokemon Time Squirtle plush: $15
Pokemon Time Squirtle mascot plush: $10
Pokemon Time Bulbasaur plush: $15
Pokemon Time Pikachu plush: $15
Ditto Shoulder mascot plush: $10

Alola Exegutor mascot plush: $5 or free with $30+ purchase
Pikachu Tail plush keychain (x3 available): $8
Mareanie PC plush: $10
Passimian PC plush: (has pink smear stain near tail): $8 or free with $40+ purchase
Bewear PC plush (x3 available): $12
Bewear mascot plush (x2 available): $6
Rotom Dex mascot plush: $5
Pokeball plush keychain (x3 available): $3
Wailmer Secret Base mascot plush: $8
Popplio head-shape keychain (x2 available): $5
Popplio Japanese Traditional style mascot plush: $8
Popplio standard mascot plush: SOLD
Litten Japanese Traditional style plush: $12
Litten Pokedoll (x2 available): $15
Rowlet Japanese Traditional style plush: $12
Rowlet Backpack plush: $40
Wobbuffet Pokedoll: $10

Pokemon Time leather pencil case: $15
Secret Teams wallet: $25

Prices are very flexible on these!
Cosmog JP PC plush (paper tag detatched): $15
Cosmog mascot plush: SOLD
Victini US Pokedoll (paper tag detatched, red bell collar added): $10
Alola Vulpix US PC plush
(new, x2 available): $15
Mew US PC plush (paper tag detatched): $10
Mimikyu JP PC plush (paper tag detatched): $15

Ampharos Canvas plush (mwt): $20
Dragonite Canvas plush (mwt): $25

Riolu Canvas plush: SOLD
Rowlet US PC plush pass case (new): $10
Popplio US PC mascot plush (new): $5
Glaceon JP Pokedoll mochi mascot plush (new): $10
Lucario JP 2009 Pokedoll (tto): SOLD
Mimikyu JP mascot plush (new): $11
Snivy US PC plush (paper tag detatched): SOLD
PokeBox Braixen plush (new): SOLD
Fennekin JP Pokedoll (mwt, paper tag has slight creases): $20
Zorua US Kuttari plush (paper tag detatched): $8
Glaceon US 2010 Pokedoll (tto): SOLD
Glaceon Sapporo Snow Bunny mochi plush: SOLD
Umbreon bootleg plush: $2 or free with purchase

Pumpkaboo Banpresto (XD?) plush (tto): $15 obo
Piplup Toy Factory 12" plush: $8 or free with $40+ purchase
Alolan Raichu Banpresto mini plush (mwt/new): SOLD
Alolan Meowth Banpresto mini plush (mwt/new): SOLD

Midnight Lycanroc Banpresto plush (mwt/new): $15
Mimikyu Happy Beach Time mascot plush (new): $20

Glaceon Pokedoll pin (x2 available): $12
Glaceon Colorful pin (x2 available): $15
Glaceon Eievui & Flowers metal charm: $30
Glaceon Pokedoll memo pad tin: $10
Glaceon Kyun Chara figure: $20
Glaceon Pokemon Time charm (new, minus the bookmark): $12
Glaceon Puttito figure: $10

Mimikyu Poketabi Hiroshima exclusive charm (x2 available): $20
Vulpix Its'Demo mascot plush: SOLD
Eievui & Flowers compact mirror: $13
Eeveelution metal charms (unavailable: Eevee, Umbreon, Espeon): $3 each
Umbreon & Espeon compact mirror (no sticky notes): $5
Vulpix rubber charm: SOLD
Oteire Please clips (unavailable/sold: Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet, Litten): $2 each

Some may have minor marks or scratches. If you want more detailed, close-up photos, feel free to ask!
Flareon Tomy figure: $4
Flareon Ippai figure: $7
Jolteon Ippai figure: $7
Vaporeon Ippai figure: $7
Sylveon Ippai (sitting) figure: $10
Sylveon Ippai (laying) figure: $10
Glaceon Ippai figure: $12

Eevee & Colorful Friends clear cards: $3 each
Available: x2 Flareon, x2 Glaceon Vaporeon, x1 Jolteon, x1 Sylveon Leafeon

La Maison De Eievui ink stamps: $4 each
SOLD: Vaporeon

Battle Museum Figures (stand label stickers and gacha sheets included for each):
Bayleef $5, Scizor $2, Nidoran (F) $2, Wartortle $5, Cleffa $3

Meowth Kyun Chara figure: $5
Lugia stamper figure: SOLD
Assorted Keshipoke Figures (prices for each, or best offer):
Metallic Lugia (x2) $20, metallic Ho-Oh (x1) $20, Scizor (x3) $15, Entei (x5) $5, Totodile (x2) $5, Cyndaquil (x4) $5.

Pencil Topper Figures:
Vigoroth $5, Deoxys $5, Slacking $5, Claydol [SOLD], Moltres $5, Articuno $8, Flygon $8, Zapdos $8.

The Pokemon Weekly Cards:
Christmas Torchic/Mudkip/Pikachu $8, Lugia $12, Charmander/Bulbasaur $8.

Petite Fleur Figures:
Pikachu (x1) $8, Butterfree (x1) $10, Leafeon (x1) $12, Sylveon (x1) $12.

Assorted Metal Charms: --Work In Progress-- Not sure how many I have of each, I need to double check first.
$1 each: Pikachu, Mimikyu (x), Type:Null (sold out), Ultra Lunala (x), Ultra Solgaleo (x).
$2 each: Alola Vulpix (x), Silvally (x), midday Lycanroc (x), dusk Lycanroc (x), midnight Lycanroc (x).

Sun & Moon Retsuden Stamps (Vol.1 and 2): --Work In Progress--
Most are still available, but I will need to double check and confirm prices before orders are finalized. Each priced at around $5.
Not available: both Alolan Vulpix, Rockruff, Rowlet, Dusk Lycanroc, Eevee, Litten, Popplio.

Sleeping Cord Protector Figures:
Kanto Vulpix (x2) $10. Others have been sold.

Many more items will be added in the near future, so feel free to ask if I have any not yet listed items featuring specific characters or merchandise types you're looking for!

>Pokemon Claims Post<

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Misc. Wanted-List
Main Wants List:

Spring Swap - Possible Gift Ideas:

Neko Dango Sakura plush (Dec. 2018 release):
I've got some of these already, but I LOVE them and wouldn't mind having any number of them. They're perfect for the spring theme, too!

Neko Dango Sakura plush (2017 release?):

Double-sided acrylic Charm by LemonCremeStudios:

Umbreon x Espeon Charm by SpiruttsCrafts:

***Dusk Lycanroc acrylic charm by weishiart:

***Umbreon and Eevee double sided charms by weishiart:

Pokemon buttons by CrowCouncil:
Interested in.... Umbreon, Espeon, Feraligatr.

Main Wants Post

Main Collections

(...favorites, side collections, and more !)

Updated: 5/2/19

Low priority = I'm not actively searching for the item, or it's something I don't absolutely need to have, but I like it enough to list it here.
Unlabeled priority = Something inbetween low and high priority. It's something I want, but I'm not desperate to have it.
High priority = Actively searching for it or always "keeping an eye out" for it and it's highly desired above all else.
Grails are high priority or above but I'm sort of resigned to never getting most of those items, or just waiting however long it takes to eventually find them.
Mini-grails are a bit lower priority than regular grails.

Shiny Umbreon: fan-made/ custom/ unofficial/ plushes, charms, pins, sculptures, crafts, art, etc...
High priority! The below photos serve as basic examples of things I love and collect. I'm interested in almost any shiny Umbreon themed art object. Please let me know if you've got anything for sale or if there's anything you recommend! I'm especially looking for custom plush and artists to commission in the future. Thanks!
Note: I have all of the items shown below (and all other PokeBox shiny Umbreon items, though I'm always open to having extras).

Umbreon Pokemon Mini Strap:
** GRAIL **

Umbreon Pokedoll Charm:
** GRAIL **

Umbreon Silver and Gold Chou Get Figures:
** GRAIL ** I'd like to have both eventually, but between the two, I want the silver figure most.

Umbreon V-Trainer Figure:
** GRAIL **

PokeBox Ink Stamps:
** GRAIL ** All have the same stamp image, despite the different artwork drawn on the wooden part. I'm pretty sure there's only one of each in existence.
Any would be great to have, but I want the winking version most. I missed a chance at getting it around 1-2 years ago unfortunately. It's unlikely that I will ever see it (or others) for sale again.
NOTE: There may be more stamp designs than what's shown below.

Umbreon x Espeon Pin Set:
*Mini-grail* It was sold on the US Pokemon Center website at one point in time.

Umbreon x Espeon Valentine Mug Set:
High priority! Umbreon is wanted most, but both would be great to have.
Umbreon x Espeon Its' Demo Plush:
High priority! I already have this, but I'd be happy to obtain multiples because it's easily one of my absolute favorite items.

Umbreon 5th Anniversary Badge:

Umbreon 5th Anniversary Sticker:

Umbreon x Espeon Pokemon Time Bookmark (2009):
Randomly packaged, from the back of the 2009 series charm / strap packaging.

Umbreon Pokemon Time Stickers:
The 2015 version is on the left, 2009 version is on the right.

Umbreon Face Charm (2008):
Came with a set of eeveelution charms. Only Umbreon is needed, but I'd also consider getting Espeon and Eevee if available.

Umbreon Retsuden Stamp:

Korean Exclusive Eeveelution Can Badges:
Umbreon is wanted most, but if it's possible, I'd also like to get Espeon and Eevee. I think this was a limited item released in a Korean Pokemon-themed pop-up store..

Halloween Circus Pin:
Low priority.

Umbreon x Espeon Hour Glass (2009):

Umbreon 2009 Clear File:
Low priority.

Umbreon 2012 Clear File:
Low priority.

Umbreon 2012 Postcard:
Low priority.

Umbreon 2012 Cup:
Low priority.

Umbreon, Espeon, Eevee "Ditto Transform" Charm Set:
Low priority.

Espeon Dot Sprite Candy Tin:
Low priority.

Lycanroc [Midday/Dusk]: fan-made/ custom/ unofficial/ plushes, charms, pins, crafts, art, etc...
High priority! Pretty much the same caption as the shiny Umbreon items (page top) applies here. Photos serve as general examples of things I love and collect. I'm definitely seeking custom plush and artists to commission in the future. If you have any crafts and artsy things for sale, let me know and I'll gladly take a look!.. Thanks!
Note: I have the plushes and charms pictured on the top two rows.

Poketabi Rockruff Charm:
** GRAIL ** Poketabi pop art style. It's exclusive to the Pokemon Center and other stores in Hiroshima. Likely no longer in production.

Poketabi Rockruff Badge/Button:
*Mini-grail* Poketabi pop art style. Exclusive to Hiroshima. Likely no longer in production.

Eevee "Let's Go!" Keychain:
High priority!

Eevee "Pokemon With You" Badge:

Lucario, Riolu: fan-made/ custom/ unofficial/ plushes, charms, pins, crafts, art, etc...
High priority! Pretty much the same caption as the shiny Umbreon items (page top) applies here. Photos serve as general examples of things I love and collect. I'm definitely seeking custom plush and artists to commission in the future. If you have any crafts and artsy things for sale, let me know and I'll gladly take a look!.. Thanks!

Lucario "Pokemon With You" Charm:

Lucario Pokemon Time Candy Tins:

Lucario x Riolu PokeBox Charm and Bookmark Set:
High priority!
I have one set already, but I would love to have multiples.
I'm still interested even if you only have individual pieces and not the full set of items.

Lucario Pokedoll Charm:

Lucario Kuttari Plush (Japanese version, awake/asleep):
Specifically seeking the JP versions because of the nice tag art. Ideally in new / MWT / lightly used condition.

Garchomp, Gabite Custom Plush:
High priority! Please let me know if you recommend any artists that can make something resembling the below chibi / pokedoll style, or if you by any chance happen to be a plush artist who is open for such a commission..! Below are rough examples of the plush style I would like. Alternatively, if you have any custom plushes for sale that are already made or in-hand no matter what the style is (chibi or not), I'd be interested in seeing what you've got. Thanks!

Suicune TFG Figure:
High priority!

Lugia Kaiyodo Bottle Cap Figure:
High priority!

Reshiram Ga-Ole Token:
I dunno if this has been released yet or how/where to find it, but the art is soo pretty.

Reshiram JP Pokedoll:
Low priority. Japanese version (MWT) is greatly preferred (I have the US version).

Rayquaza Tenugui Towel:
High priority!

Latios Petit Charm:
Low priority.

Latios + Latias "My Dearest" Charm Set:
Low priority. Depends on the price... It's beautiful, but it's not something I really must have.

Poketabi Latios Badge/Button:
Poketabi pop art style. Latios is wanted most. Exclusive to Hiroshima. Likely no longer in production.

Poketabi Pikachu Badge/Button and Charm:
Poketabi pop art style, exclusive to area around Mt. Fuji?

Poketabi Milotic Badge/Button:
Poketabi pop art style, exclusive to area around Mt. Fuji?

Poketabi Alolan Vulpix Badge/Button and Charm:
*Mini-grail* Poketabi pop art style. There are two different versions, exclusive to Hokkaido (above) and Nagoya (below).
Hokkaido badge is wanted most, but I love the other items, too.

Alolan Vulpix Lotteria Cherry Blossom Snow Globe:

Alolan Vulpix Bath Bomb Figure:
Low priority.

PokeBox Shiny Ninetales Charm:

Let me know if you have any of the above items for sale
Thanks for looking!

Disclaimer: Only a handful of the above photos are mine. If any of the photos are yours and you have a problem with their being used, I can remove them.